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26th March holds an important place in every Bangladeshi’s heart. It’s the day Bangladesh declared its independence. The day considered a national holiday throughout the country is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm and splendor.

Pohela Boishakh, one of the most prominent cultural festivals that we Bengalis love to observe, is one of the most colorful among our traditional celebrations. The celebration of colors and the seasonal transition from spring to summer is completely aligned with the festival that marks the start of the Bengali New Year.

Spring- the season of colours and eclectic outfits is here. The time of the year when all color combinations are right. Rejoice at the weather that permits layers without covering up your charismatic outfits with bulky sweaters or jackets.

International Women’s Day is a worldwide occasion that celebrates women’s achievements; be it small, large, political, social or personal - while calling out for gender equality. Since 1900s the event has been observed, and now recognized each year on March 8th. Aarong has always been outspoken and proactive when it comes to equal rights and opportunities in workplace.

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