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Summer is in full swing and it’s not even June yet. Beating the heat is no easy feat if you don’t adapt your wardrobe to tackle the summer. Skirts are going to be your best friends in this season. Spicing up a simple skirt with accessories is not as hard as you might think.

Aarong announces its Eid-ul-Fitr special shop & fly campaign where 16 winners will be awarded with 16 round trip couple air tickets for any NOVOAIR destination within Bangladesh.

Designers at Aarong are always relentlessly working to come up with fresh, new silhouettes, designs, cuts and shapes to indulge every whim, every fancy of women and men everywhere. This year has been no different for Aarong introducing its Eid collection.

Aarong Fashion Show 2017 was held on Saturday, May 13th to launch its new sub-brand, HERSTORY, and its Eid Collections. The audience was awed as they entered through a cave to the grand ballroom of Radisson Blu, Dhaka which was entirely transformed into a forest. The show opened with Aarong’s New Ladies Kurta Line followed by specially designed silver, gold-plated, pearl and fashion jewellery.

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